Hi, I am Angelos

Born and raised in Mykonos, I founded Mykonos Experience - Private Angel Tours with the aim to guarantee an enchanting experience amidst the magic of this place.

Mykonos has a lot to offer: the history of ancient Greece, the tranquility and energy of the land, vibrant entertainment and luxury. Quality cuisine, both traditional and international, complements the beautiful beaches, wild or organized with all comforts.

I've conceived diverse tour experiences to make visitors feel alive —a relaxing, enjoyable lifestyle tailored to personal needs, always focusing on providing wellness and best quality experience.

For me, an immersive experience means diving into a magical place, appreciating its characteristics and character in a holistic way. We, at Private Angel, do not offer simple tours, but a life changing experience that make you feel more alive, happy, and brings about a positive change in your life.

Be it a tour or a transfer service, you can pick from a vast selection of our vehicles, from luxury cars and vans to buses, helicopters and yachts.

Explore the many hidden treasures and places up close.
This is not just an experience, we offer something magic!

Live the life changing experience, live the Mykonos Experience offered by Private Angel Tours!

Join our team of local guides and our esteemed affiliate guides on an adventure like no other. With their wealth of experience and genuine passion for storytelling, every excursion becomes a vibrant tapestry of unique life experiences. Explore the world through their eyes, where every step is guided by authenticity, warmth, and the promise of unforgettable memories.